10 Easy Ways to Get More Vitamin D

A primary benefit of a good daily intake of vitamin D is strong and healthy bones, while also helping to fight depression and protect against colds.

Egg Yolk

A daily recommended intake of vitamin D is in the region of 600 IUs (international units (IUs), and increased to 800 IUs for over 70’s.

Here are 10 ways to up the intake of this essential vitamin:

1 – Beef liver

Although beef liver is high in cholesterol, it still offers a great choice to add in more vitamin D in the daily diet. A 3 ounce serving of beef liver has around 45 IUs of this nutrient. It is benefitted with the inclusion of protein, iron, and vitamin A.

2 – Cereal (fortified)

Fortified cereal offers a crunchy way to get vitamin D in the daily diet. Eat a low-calorie cereal, which can easily be combined with a fortified juice to up the intake of this nutrient.

A single servicing of fortified cereals (with milk) has about 95 IUs of vitamin D, but include a glass of juice and this total should easily increase to about 195 IUs.

3 – Egg yolk

The egg yolk is a quick and easy way to increase the daily intake of vitamin D. Eggs are easily added to a wide range of dishes or recipes throughout the course of the day.

Use the whole egg to get the most benefit because most of the vitamin D content is sourced from the yolk. A typical egg, will give around 42 IUs of vitamin D. However, try to avoid using eggs as the major source of this nutrient because of the high cholesterol content (200mg per egg).

4 – Fatty fish

A great source of vitamin D is fatty fish like eel, tuna, mackerel, trout, and salmon. A fatty fish such as sockeye salmon fillet has close to the daily dosage of 425 IUs. Also, fatty fish is a perfect source of omega-3 fatty acids.

5 – Milk (fortified)

Most store-bought cow’s milk is loaded with vitamin D. A small yogurt (6 ounce) has about 78 IUs, and a glass of milk (8 ounce) has a satisfying 95 IUs of this nutrient. Certain rice and soy milks can also come fortified with vitamin D, but this can vary with the different products.

6 – Mushrooms

Certain mushrooms have the ability to produce this nutrient when exposed to sunlight in a similar fashion to humans. But mushrooms are mostly grown in dark environments and don’t get much access to ultraviolet rays. Although, certain mushrooms are grown in the right conditions to help increase the production of vitamin D. A 1 cup serving (3-ounce) of vitamin D-rich mushrooms contain about 425 IUs of this nutrient.

7 – Orange juice (fortified)

Certain brands of orange juice offer a perfect opportunity to get vitamin D from. A single glass of fortified orange juice includes about 90 IUs of this nutrient – although not all orange juices are fortified, so make sure to read the label.

8 – Sunlight

Vitamin D is naturally sourced by spending enough time in the sun. A 20-25 minute exposure to the sun is certain to be helpful, but because of the risks of skin-cancer, there is no official guidance on the amount of time to spend catching the rays.

Sunlight is less effective at providing the daily needs if dark skinned, older, during the winter, or at high latitudes. This source of vitamin D is only effective when outside and not when light comes through a window.

9 – Supplements

A daily dose of vitamin D is easily sourced by taking the convenient supplements, but make sure to take the most practical dosage. An overdose of vitamin D can have a negative impact on the system. A daily limit of vitamin D is 4,000 IUs and this would come from all sources (supplements, sunlight, and food).

10 – Tuna (canned)

Vitamin D intake is easily boosted with tuna fish or similar fish that comes from a can. Canned sardines or tuna fish are great choices to up the vitamin D intake and usually a more cost-effective alternative to buying fresh fish.

A tinned light tuna has nearly 148 IUs for every 4 ounces, which is one of the most attractive choices to increase the vitamin D in the diet. Other choices include sardines at 42 IUs per serving, or albacore tuna contains nearly 48 IUs for every 4 ounces.

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