14 Vitamin E Rich Foods to Benefit the Health

A powerful antioxidant like vitamin E has a key role in fighting off a variety of diseases. It is also beneficial for promoting youthful, healthy skin.

Green Olives

A daily recommended intake of vitamin E is in the region of 15 mg. A regular consumption of vitamin E rich foods can help to achieve this target, but many of the foods high in this fat-soluble vitamin are eaten in small portions.

Below are 14 healthy sources of this essential nutrient:

1 – Avocado

The mild-flavored avocado is a perfect ingredient for many dishes and dips and has around 158 calories and 2.1mg of vitamin E per half medium fruit.

2 – Fortified cereals

Eating a breakfast of fortified ready-to-eat cereals is a perfect way to boost the intake of vitamin E. A single serving can include anywhere from 1.7 to 12.6 mg. Eat fresh fruit or cereal tarts with yogurt for something a little different to breakfast cereals.

3 – Mustard Greens

Easily grown greens like the mustard greens are nutrient dense and offer several benefits to promote the health. A single cup serving of organic mustard greens can offer about 1.14mg of vitamin E and 14 calories. This vegetable is also high in vitamin A, C, & K, as well as folate.

4 – Nuts

A prize winning nut for vitamin E content is the almonds, which has 163 calories and 7.2mg per 1 ounce serving. Other great sources of this nutrient include peanuts with 165 calories and 2.2mg, mixed dry nuts with 167 calories and 3.2mg, and hazelnuts with 179 calories and 4.2mg.

5 – Olives

From the fruit to the oil, a regular consumption of olives is certain to help get the proper dietary intake of vitamin E. A 100g service of fresh olives has about 143 calories and 3.71mg of this nutrient.

6 – Peanut Butter

A healthy eating option like peanut butter is nutritious and filling and has about 189 calories and 2.4mg of vitamin E per 2 tbsp serving. A smooth or crunchy serving of peanut butter also provides a great source of protein.

7 – Pine Nuts

Pleasantly sweet and crunchy, the pine nuts have 189 calories and 2.4mg of vitamin E per 1 ounce serving. Easily add the pine nuts to salads, pasta dishes, or the occasional snack.

8 – Sunflower seeds

A 1 ounce service of sunflower seeds (dry-roasted) has about 7.2mg of the vitamin and 162 calories. Alternatively, using sunflower oil can also help to provide this essential nutrient, and contain 5.2mg of vitamin E and 118 calories.

9 – Swiss Chard

Swiss chard with its tender leaves and crisp stalks is a great source of vitamin E and has about 1.9mg per serving. This healthy vegetable is also a great source of vitamin A, C & K.

10 – Spinach

Spinach is a highly beneficial leafy green to add to diet. A ½ cup serving of cooked spinach has 3.27mg of vitamin E and 28 calories. Spinach is also great for offering a natural source of folate and calcium.

11 – Tomato paste

A thick tomato paste has 52 calories, 34mg of lycopene, 626mg of potassium, and 2.7mg of vitamin E per ¼ cup serving. Also, a high-quality tomato sauce or puree includes about 2.3mg of this nutrient.

12 – Turnip Greens

Turnip greens might seem like an unappreciated powerhouse of nutrients, but this vegetable has 24 calories and 2.7mg of vitamin E.

In addition to the healthy intake of vitamin E, a ½ cup serving of turnip tops has 23 calories and 428mg of vitamin A, as well as acceptable servings of calcium, vitamin K, folate, and vitamin C. Alternatively, dandelion and mustard green can offer a comparable boost to the health.

13 – Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils can offer a great natural source of vitamin E. A favorite choice includes cottonseed oil, which contains 4.7mg of this nutrient per tbsp. Safflower oil is a further great choice and has 4.5mg per similar sized serving. Safflower oil is easily added to fruits and vegetables as a caramelizing agent.

14 – Wheat Germ

Wheat germ for breakfast is certain to offer a nutritious and energy filling start to the day. Add wheat germ to hot cereals to create a delightful topping and includes about 52 calories and 2.2mg of vitamin E for every 2 tbsp serving.

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