Top-Rated Protein Shakes

Blueberry Protein Shake

Protein shakes are fast becoming a part of today’s healthy lifestyle. You can benefit from them when you do not meet your daily protein requirements through whole foods alone; or when extra protein is needed for an effective gain of lean muscles during weight training. Either way, there is a wide range of protein shakes […]

Choosing the Best Protein Powder

Choosing the Best Protein Powder

Protein powders and protein supplement are starting to become a common occurrence for those on a diet or exercise regimen. A protein shake is certain to be used by vegetarians, vegans, and body builders. You will likely notice the correct protein intake can help in all areas of life, such as the ability to boost […]

Are Protein Shakes Beneficial for Your Health?

Hemp Protein Powder

An extra intake of protein in supplement form is certain to help with establishing a healthy lifestyle, but it is important to use them correctly (or use in moderation). Verify Your Protein Intake Instead of being over zealous with taking multiple protein shakes per day, analyze the protein consumption on a daily basis. RDA (recommended […]

Can A Whey Protein Shake Help You Shed Your Extra Pounds?

Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs

If you have pesky extra pounds you would like to shed, either a little or a lot, your goal is the same—to burn more fat and build lean muscle. You can shed your extra pounds by participating in a regular muscle building workout that is complimented by post-workout protein shakes or protein shakes used for […]

Protein Shake with Milk vs. Water

3 Tubs of Protein Powder

Protein shakes are meant to be taken with either water or skimmed milk. We know this because it’s what the label reads. What we don’t know is the difference when taking whey protein with milk compared to water. To clarify this a little, there are benefits to both. Whether you should take it with water […]

Are Protein Shakes Really Good For You?

Protein Powder

Today, protein shakes are a popular supplement to a person’s diet and widely available in health shops. So popular in fact, that these are sold in oversized tubs to meet high demands and consumption. Being available in health shops and consumed in great amounts, it must mean that it’s healthy for you right – or […]