Glutamine: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

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Amino acids are a key building block related to protein. Glutamine is one of the richest amino acids in the body (mostly skeletal muscle).   Glutamine (also referred to as L-glutamine) is widely sourced in supplements (helps to increase muscle mass) and natural foods. Be aware that a regular intake of glutamine can lead to […]

5 Protein Powders That Take Your Body to the Next Level Fast

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When the long hours in the gym aren’t able to achieve the desired muscle growth, the issue might relate to the day-to-day nutritional intake. Aim to diversify the protein intake to get the most efficient results from natural or supplemental protein sources. Protein is a building block of muscle growth and recovery. A lot of […]

6 Daily Wellness Vitamins and Minerals for Women

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Vitamins and minerals are a must-have for all-round health and well-being. But there is the chance that you aren’t getting enough in the daily diet.   Below are six of the key nutrients that are certain to benefit the health:   1 – Vitamin A Vitamin A is awesome of the overall well-being; this antioxidant […]

10 Good Carbohydrates for Runners


Runners can reap performance benefits when 60% of their daily calorie intake is sourced from carbohydrates. But the right intake of carbohydrates is critical to fuel the body. High-glycemic and fast-acting carbs are best immediately before, during, and after your run hard. For any other time of the day, the carb intake should come from […]