10 Nutrients and Their Functions

Sliced Broccoli

A regular diet often falls short of including all essential nutrients. A well-balanced diet with nutrient-rich foods like nuts, whole grains, fruit, and vegetables is certain to help. Certain nutrients that are missing from the day-to-day diet can pose health risks. Nutrients often deficient in a diet includes fiber, potassium, vitamin D, and calcium. Other […]

Why Does Whey Protein Isolate Benefit a Healthier You

Scoop of Whey Protein Isolate

Whey protein isolate is made using pasteurized whey with the non-protein components extracted. A byproduct of cheese production, whey is dried once the non-protein elements are removed to leave a clean, bland material. Whey is an active ingredient in a variety of food sources, from beverages, candy, diary products, and meats. Whey protein isolate is […]

14 Nutritious Foods Rich in Minerals

Sliced Avocado

Similar to the overall health benefits of vitamins, minerals are essential to stay healthy and encourage the body to grow. Minerals are vital in several key areas, from transmitting electrical impulses to building healthy bones. Certain minerals are needed to make hormones and maintain a regular heart beat. Here are several of the major food […]