5 Protein Powders That Take Your Body to the Next Level Fast

When the long hours in the gym aren’t able to achieve the desired muscle growth, the issue might relate to the day-to-day nutritional intake.

Casein Protein Powder

Aim to diversify the protein intake to get the most efficient results from natural or supplemental protein sources.

Protein is a building block of muscle growth and recovery. A lot of active people who follow a healthy lifestyle and diet can get the essential protein from whole foods, but for those that favor convenience, there is also the option to use protein powder.

Any of the brand-name protein powders work, but certain supplements are tastier and more effective than others. Below are five of the low-cost and effective protein powders in the market:


1 – Beef

Sourced direct from beef (fat-free), the beef protein powder is appreciated for its ability to digest at a quite rapid pace. This makes it a perfect alternative for active people with a milk-protein allergy, and which to avoid using whey.


2 – Casein

Casein protein powder is a preferred choice before heading to bed and has the ability to provide a good supply of aminos over the course of the night. Also, casein has the potential to further enhance whey protein and boost muscle-building when consumed as an after workout shake.

A preferred powder includes micellar casein, which is type of casein that digests the slowest.


3 – Egg White

Egg white protein powder is faster to digest than casein but slower than whey. Even though this isn’t the most desirable all-round solution, a protein shake that comprises of casein, whey, and egg white has the potential to give the body a combination boost (working slow, medium, and fast) of digesting proteins for more efficiently growth of the muscles.


4 – Soy

Soy powder protein has the ability to digest at a modest rate and helps to aid muscle recovery, increase growth hormone release, and nitric oxide levels. Also, the protein is reported to not have a negative impact on estrogen levels or decrease testosterone in men.


5 – Whey

Top-rated whey powders are the purest forms and designed to digest at a quick rate. Whey protein hydrolysates or whey protein isolate are among the purest protein powder forms within the whey category.

Alternatively, whey protein concentrate is a further option, but this has the downside of having a higher concentration of fats and carbs.


When to eat fast or slow digesting proteins

Use whey or other fast digesting proteins after complete a gym session to help stimulate muscle growth and boost amino acid. A casein or egg protein (slow digesting) is preferred late at night or just ahead of going to bed. This helps the body recover after an intense workout.

Also, for those that like to introduce whole foods into the daily diet, aim to eat meat to get the protein intake after a workout, and plain Greek yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese at night before bed.

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