Are Protein Shakes Beneficial for Your Health?

An extra intake of protein in supplement form is certain to help with establishing a healthy lifestyle, but it is important to use them correctly (or use in moderation).

Hemp Protein Powder

Verify Your Protein Intake

Instead of being over zealous with taking multiple protein shakes per day, analyze the protein consumption on a daily basis. RDA (recommended dietary allowance) is stated at 56-grams per day for men and 46-grams per day for women. A body builder looking to increase muscle mass or those highly active might require a higher intake of protein and more than the recommended RDA. This is achieved by taking the protein supplements or shakes. However a person living a mildly active or sedentary life is likely to get sufficient protein form a well-planned regular diet. By counting the protein intake over a period of three or four days this should tell you the average daily protein intake without relying on outside assistance (protein powders and supplements).

Avoid Overdoing It

Different to certain nutrients, it is certainly possible to consume an excessive amount of protein. If already in a position of getting enough protein form the regular meals and supplementing that with several protein shakes, you might be taking in an excessive amount of protein which might cause lose of bone density or osteoporosis. Over a prolonged period of time, a protein rich diet can impact the bones and lead to weakening and bone-thinning.

Healthy Supplements

Even if you abide by the RDA guidelines and ingest the ideal protein intake, it is still worthwhile reading the ingredients label to check on additives. Many of the protein powders are quite unappealing, bland, and chalky in nature, so a manufacturer is likely to include elements (artificial colors, flavorings, sugar, and similar chemicals) to improve the taste. Search for the supplements containing just the natural ingredients. Ideally, you want a supplement product with a low count of ingredients – below 10 is likely to be ideal.

Whey Protein Advantages

Whey protein is a natural, pure protein coming from cow’s milk. It offer a cost-effective and rich source for gaining amino acids required on a day-to-day basis for promoting general health and the function of the organs. In its pure form whey protein is likely to contain minimal cholesterol, lactose, or fat, which is highly desirable for people in all age groups. A significant advantage is seen with whey when it concerns general wellness, bone health, immune support, weight management, and sports nutrition.

Here are several of the advantages related to using whey protein powder:

1 – Helps with physical performance

A significant aspect of using whey protein powder is its ability to help the athlete or sports person develop and maintain a well-defined, strong, and lean physique. A reason for the benefit is likely to relate to the pure ingredients including the required amino acids for helping to improve performance and body composition. Branch chain amino acids also feature which helps when resistance training and exercise, which goes on to rebuild, repair, and replenish muscles. A further key ingredient is leucine which plays a major role in helping to promote muscle growth and muscle protein synthesis.

2 – Helps with weight management

If looking at weight management, the protein powders are able to offer enough energy to help with digesting the protein which results in burning a lot more calories when consuming a protein-based meal. A pure source of protein is likely to further benefit by complementing a low glycemic or carbohydrate diet plan. Similarly, a protein supplement is design to help with stabilizing the level of blood glucose, which is achieved by slowing the rate glucose enters the bloodstream.

3 – Helps with cardiovascular health

If aiming to achieve cardiovascular health, a whey protein supplement is certain to help with getting the right intake of nutrition for a healthy diet.

4 – Helps with promoting health

A cancer patient with nutritional challenges especially those receiving chemo is certain to benefit from whey protein since it offers a perfect source of protein due to its complete ease in digesting and ability to be extremely gentle on the internal system. Also, this type of protein is able to help with promoting the growth of new skin in situations of experiencing deep wounds. A high protein product recommended after burn therapy or surgery is certain to relate to whey protein.

Avoid Replacing Meals

If you are likely to consume four to six small portion and healthy meals per day, don’t start replacing several of those with a protein substitute. A whole food source like bean, egg, etc that provides protein are also known to include a variety of minerals and vitamins that can’t be found with the regular protein powders. And when an excess amount of protein is consumed, any that isn’t used up by being active is likely to turn to fat which isn’t helpful if aiming to lose weight.

Health Advantages to Enjoy

It is certainly known that the human body requires a constant intake of protein. Protein is called a macronutrient, meaning it is used in high quantities. Healing wounds, nails, hair, healthy skin, and tissue and muscle development are the essential needs for protein. A protein shake included in a well-planned diet is certain to help with getting the ideal intake of protein. Shakes are easy to make, cost-effective, and quick. Use protein supplement as suggested by the RDA guidelines, and make certain to avoid overdoing.

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