Side Effects of the Top 5 Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners (or sugar substitutes) are intended as a healthier and less fattening option. Yogurt and diet sodas are common foods to include this additive. While these sugar substitutes are able to closely copy the sugar taste, they aren’t able to offer any useful energy. Consumer approved artificial sweeteners include: Acesulfame potassium Aspartame Neotame Saccharin […]

10 Ways to Boost the Fiber in Your Diet

Papaya Sliced

Dietary fiber offers a variety of health benefits, from preventing chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease and cancer), keeping blood sugar levels in place to filling you up (without adding on the weight). A recommended daily intake of fiber is in the region of 25-35 grams, which is easily sourced from whole, unprocessed grains, legumes, vegetables, and […]

Supplement Guide: BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)

BCAA content in food

Getting enough protein in the daily diet is critical to help grow the muscles. Adding branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplements to the nutrition plan is certain to profoundly and uniquely affect physical performance and muscle growth that isn’t possible when relying solely on protein powder. What are BCAA? BCAAs are referred to as the […]

11 Dangerous Food Preservatives and Additives to Avoid

Food preservatives

Natural flavoring can relate to virtually anything that originates from a natural source. Most additives and preservatives are quickly overlooked, but are certain to be far from being the most appealing ingredient listed in the food product. Risky preservatives and additives include: Added sugar (dextrose, corn syrup, HFCS, etc.); Added salt (check the sodium content); […]

10 Healthy Reasons to Start Eating Pomegranates

Sliced pomegranate

The properties of pomegranate with its sweet taste and juicy red seeds make a great remedy for a variety of ailments. Eat the juicy seeds to get the quickest access to the pomegranate health benefits. Pomegranate is a perfect source of nutrients and vitamins, including: Fiber Potassium Folic acid Iron Niacin Vitamin A, C, E, […]

11 Vegetables that Hold a Protein Punch

Pea pods

Virtually all food contains a certain degree of protein. An exception to this rule applies to high refined sources like oils, alcohol, and sugar. Certain plant-based food sources like seeds, nuts, grains, and beans are high in protein and contain more than a similar sized serving of meat. Some vegetables are loaded with protein, nutrients, […]

7 Foods to Eat On a Low or Carb-Free Diet

Carb free bread

Low carbohydrate diets are effective at helping those that wish to drop the extra pounds. A carb-free diet relies on a food intake that removes starchy, sugary foods that are high in carbohydrates, which has the potential to slow the weight loss attempts. Here are several carbohydrate-free foods that can be included in a well-prepared […]

Healthy and Satisfying High-Protein, Low-Fat Foods

High protein black beans

A diet that contains high-protein, low-fat foods is certain to help with controlling weight and reducing hunger pains. Aim to avoid high-protein foods rich in saturated fats like full-fat cheese and fatty meats because they are quite unhealthy. A typical low-fat food is defined as those with 3 grams or less of fat per serving. […]

6 Everyday Foods Containing Aspartame

Sweets in a role

Aspartame is low-calorie sweetener used in a variety of foods and drinks, from sweet treats to diet drinks. Even though aspartame is common in diet foods, it isn’t calorie free and has at least 3-4 calories per gram. Artificial sweeteners only need to be used in small doses as it is nearly 200 times sweeter […]

Calcium: Exercise, Nutrition and Bone Health

Calcium food sources

It is quite easy to get a healthy intake of calcium in the diet with the proper foods. Great sources of calcium include a spinach salad, a handful of almonds, a cheese sandwich, or yoghurt.   Calcium is crucial for healthy teeth and bones and makes sure nerves, cells, and muscles work properly. Eat calcium-rich […]