Can A Whey Protein Shake Help You Shed Your Extra Pounds?

If you have pesky extra pounds you would like to shed, either a little or a lot, your goal is the same—to burn more fat and build lean muscle.

Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs

You can shed your extra pounds by participating in a regular muscle building workout that is complimented by post-workout protein shakes or protein shakes used for daily meal replacement.

How It Works

To lose fat, particularly as you age, you have to increase your lean muscle mass. Building muscle doesn’t have to be associated with “body building”, but instead with achieving a strong and healthy body. The more lean muscle you have the more fat and calories you will burn on a daily basis. By incorporating 1-2 high-proteins, low-carb whey protein shakes into your diet each day in combination with a well-balanced diet and a muscle building fitness routine you will begin to see a change.

The Whey Protein Difference

The reason whey protein is the optimal choice is because it preserves the valuable lean muscle that you are building. By creating more lean muscle your body will become tighter and your muscles more defined. Lean muscle also boosts your metabolism, which is a powerful tool in burning both stored and incoming fat. While you may use a whey protein shake as meal replacement for breakfast or lunch, you should also turn to your shakes as snacks when you have the urge for high fat, high carb, and high sugar snacks in-between your meals.

Which Whey Is Best For Weight Loss

Not all whey protein shakes are made from the same formula. Some are high-calorie and high-carb, meaning they are designed specifically for body builders looking to gain weight. If you need a whey protein shake to help you shed your excess pounds look for formulas that are high-protein, but low-sugar and low-carb.

Liquid or Powder

Whey protein shakes are available in premixed single serving liquids or in powders for self-preparation. Powdered whey protein can be mixed with water or your favorite milk in a blender or in protein shaker cup. Whether you consume liquid or powder is really a matter of personal preference and should be catered to best fit your need for accessibility—you may even drink a combination of both. When using whey protein, remember that milk will add to your caloric and carb consumption.

Extra Ingredients

1 – Fruit

Adding in slices of fruit to protein shakes offers a variety of well-being benefits. It is able to help with increasing the fiber intake while at the same time keeping you full for much longer, and helping to slow the process of digestion. And essentially this should mean that fewer calories are consumed throughout the day.

2 – Coconut Oil

If you are looking to increase the rate of the metabolism, you might want to look at including healthy fats like those included in coconut oil. Medium chain fatty acids combined with the protein shake are certain to crank up the metabolism for increased weight loss opportunities. Use a shredded coconut or extra virgin coconut oil.

3 – Yoghurt

Yoghurt is perfect if hoping to add thickness and consistency to a protein shake. Also, natural yoghurt is likely to include certain ingredients that are able to help with facilitating fat loss.

Is Whey Protein Dangerous To The Health?

Since whey protein is essentially a food, it isn’t able to present any risks that might be associated with certain other supplements in the market. However, similar to other things, an excessive intake is likely to cause certain risks. An extremely high intake is known to cause serious issues with overloading the liver. Use in moderation is highly recommended. For those lactose intolerant, an alternative product known as whey protein isolate is likely to be highly desirable. This product contains less than 1-percent lactose so using by most people. Whey protein offers a healthy and natural option for bringing a sufficient portion of protein into the diet.

Where to Find Whey Protein Shakes and Powders

With the popularity of whey protein shakes for health and wellness purposes it is relatively easy to find. Many grocery stores and gyms, and all nutrition and supplement stores sell whey protein shakes and powders. For the largest selection of flavors, brands, and formulas shop for your whey protein online or in specialty nutrition and supplement stores. Also consider buying in bulk so that your whey is always easily accessible.

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