Protein Shake with Milk vs. Water

Protein shakes are meant to be taken with either water or skimmed milk. We know this because it’s what the label reads. What we don’t know is the difference when taking whey protein with milk compared to water.

3 Tubs of Protein Powder

To clarify this a little, there are benefits to both. Whether you should take it with water or milk depends on your goal – if you want to gain mass and weight, or lose mass and fat. Another important difference is how your body reacts to milk. Some people are lactose intolerant, and the combination of milk and whey protein may not sit well with some people’s stomachs.

Protein Shake with Milk

If you want to gain weight and aren’t too worried about calories, then you should consider milk. Mixing protein shakes with milk add up to 200 calories to your dietary intake and also different types of proteins not provided by your protein powder. That said, your body can only absorb a certain amount of protein and any access will be wasted.

Taking milk with protein shake also makes your body absorb proteins slower. It’s a good idea to take it before you sleep so while the body is resting and breaking down the milk slowly, any microscopic tears from your day’s workout can be repaired throughout the night.

Milk also gives added health benefits including calcium and other vitamins and minerals that promote good health. Almond milk and soy milk are great alternatives for vegetarians or those who may be lactose intolerant but still want to take milk.

Protein Shake with Water

While some will only have it with milk, others will only take it with water. For one, protein shakes mix better with water. If your protein powder doesn’t dissolve easily then water is your best bet. Water also has virtually no calorie content and is the best solution for those who want protein without adding more calories to their diet.

Taking protein shake with water is not the tastiest thing but it is an excellent way for fast release and absorption. This makes it ideal for post workout recovery or when immediate proteins are needed.

Some people who find that they aren’t usually lactose intolerant may still get unpleasant reactions when they mix their protein shake with milk. In this case, water would also be a better alternative.

Whether you care more about the taste or the benefits, it is important to know which method is the best way for you to go. Every person has different tastes and reacts differently to milk and water. Each of us also has different goals.

Choose accordingly and know that there are advantages of mixing milk with your protein shakes over water. Milk provides you with both whey protein and casein protein (not found in typical protein shakes), and combined intake of these two proteins benefit the body more for post-workout recovery as opposed to whey alone.

4 Easy Add-Ins

Protein shakes can also be mixed with fruit juices or your choice of favorite beverage. You don’t really need to stick with just milk or water. Some protein powders can also be sprinkled over food. Be creative, and you’ll find that there are many other tasty alternatives to include protein shakes to your diet.

Below are 4 easy extras to make your protein shake taste better:

1 – Make It a Milkshake

By adding a low-fat syrup or flavored milkshake powder you can sweeten up your shake and make it taste more like milkshake.  While you don’t want to overindulge on sugars after your workout a tablespoon or two will take the edge off and make your shake more enjoyable.

2 – Add Natural Sweeteners

If syrup and milkshake power don’t meet your health and wellness goals you can easily use natural sweeteners to flavor your protein shake.  Consider fresh or frozen berries or honey.  While berries tend to provide the most impact flavor profile, you can use any of your favorite fruits.  On the plus side you will down one of your fruit servings for the day.

3 – Add Ice

An easy way to mask the flavor of your protein shake is to dilute it a bit by adding ice.  Simply throw your shake in the blender and add a cup of crushed ice. So that the consistency doesn’t become too thin, add a banana or your other favorite fresh or frozen fruit.  The combination of the fruit and ice will make for a tastier shake.

4 – Add Yogurt

By adding yogurt to you protein shake you will instantly sweeten and thicken it.  Since yogurt comes in a wide variety of different flavors and consistencies you can really customize your shake.

All of the ideas above will only add a few extra minutes to your preparation time, but can make a world of difference when it comes to the flavor of your protein shake.  Also experiment with several varieties of protein to see if there is there is a brand or flavor of protein powder that you prefer above the rest.

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