6 High-Protein Plant Foods and Their Health Benefits

Cauliflower for Plant based Protein

A well-balanced diet with a regular intake of high protein content is certain to play a key role in the health and well-being. But consuming too much of this essential nutrient can lead to a variety of diseases. A varied diet that includes all key nutrients is more beneficial than focusing on one single area. […]

Calcium: Exercise, Nutrition and Bone Health

Calcium food sources

It is quite easy to get a healthy intake of calcium in the diet with the proper foods. Great sources of calcium include a spinach salad, a handful of almonds, a cheese sandwich, or yoghurt.   Calcium is crucial for healthy teeth and bones and makes sure nerves, cells, and muscles work properly. Eat calcium-rich […]

10 Nutrients and Their Functions

Sliced Broccoli

A regular diet often falls short of including all essential nutrients. A well-balanced diet with nutrient-rich foods like nuts, whole grains, fruit, and vegetables is certain to help. Certain nutrients that are missing from the day-to-day diet can pose health risks. Nutrients often deficient in a diet includes fiber, potassium, vitamin D, and calcium. Other […]