6 High-Protein Plant Foods and Their Health Benefits

Cauliflower for Plant based Protein

A well-balanced diet with a regular intake of high protein content is certain to play a key role in the health and well-being. But consuming too much of this essential nutrient can lead to a variety of diseases. A varied diet that includes all key nutrients is more beneficial than focusing on one single area. […]

10 Healthy Reasons to Start Eating Pomegranates

Sliced pomegranate

The properties of pomegranate with its sweet taste and juicy red seeds make a great remedy for a variety of ailments. Eat the juicy seeds to get the quickest access to the pomegranate health benefits. Pomegranate is a perfect source of nutrients and vitamins, including: Fiber Potassium Folic acid Iron Niacin Vitamin A, C, E, […]

7 Benefits of Going Gluten-Free

Gluten-free food

Gluten has the potential to adversely impact the health of those sensitive to this protein. A gluten-free diet is a practical lifestyle choice for those tested positive for celiac disease. By eliminating gluten from the daily diet, it is possible to avoid issues with chronic disease or becoming malnourished. A gluten-free diet is certain to […]

5 Protein Powders That Take Your Body to the Next Level Fast

Casein Protein Powder

When the long hours in the gym aren’t able to achieve the desired muscle growth, the issue might relate to the day-to-day nutritional intake. Aim to diversify the protein intake to get the most efficient results from natural or supplemental protein sources. Protein is a building block of muscle growth and recovery. A lot of […]

Protein Shake with Milk vs. Water

3 Tubs of Protein Powder

Protein shakes are meant to be taken with either water or skimmed milk. We know this because it’s what the label reads. What we don’t know is the difference when taking whey protein with milk compared to water. To clarify this a little, there are benefits to both. Whether you should take it with water […]