10 Tips to Build Muscle at Home


Are you hoping to gain 5-10 lbs of muscle and burn calories at a more efficient rate? While it does not happen overnight, gaining muscle doesn’t need to be a difficult process.   By relying on the proper diet, exercise, and recovery, there is great potential to notice significant muscle growth within a short time-frame. […]

10 Good Carbohydrates for Runners


Runners can reap performance benefits when 60% of their daily calorie intake is sourced from carbohydrates. But the right intake of carbohydrates is critical to fuel the body. High-glycemic and fast-acting carbs are best immediately before, during, and after your run hard. For any other time of the day, the carb intake should come from […]

Can A Whey Protein Shake Help You Shed Your Extra Pounds?

Gold Standard Whey 5Lbs

If you have pesky extra pounds you would like to shed, either a little or a lot, your goal is the same—to burn more fat and build lean muscle. You can shed your extra pounds by participating in a regular muscle building workout that is complimented by post-workout protein shakes or protein shakes used for […]

10 Ways to Sneak Protein Powder into Your Daily Diet

Selection of Protein Powders

Protein powders and protein supplements offer a perfect solution to add low-calorie, lean protein to the day-to-day diet. An extra intake of protein is certain to help with giving extra nutrition to foods heavy in carbohydrates. Similar to most protein sources in the marketplace, it helps with strengthening immunity, builds muscle, satisfies hunger, and stabilizes […]