12 Healthy Tips for Weight Management

Diet for Weight Management

A well-planned weight loss program relies on a healthy and balanced diet combined with common sense. Keeping the weight off is more achievable with the proper diet and weight management in place. Below are twelve tips to weight management and reaching the desired goal: 1 – Avoid junk food Eliminate the temptation to eat junk […]

Bodybuilding: Which Fruits Are The Best To Eat?

Sliced Watermelon

Fruits can help to provide valuable phytochemicals that improve well-being and can even speed up the potential gains.   The fructose content of fruit is a concern for many bodybuilders because it’s a sugar type that isn’t able to benefit the muscles. But choosing the right fruit can actually be helpful for those investing time […]

10 Good Carbohydrates for Runners


Runners can reap performance benefits when 60% of their daily calorie intake is sourced from carbohydrates. But the right intake of carbohydrates is critical to fuel the body. High-glycemic and fast-acting carbs are best immediately before, during, and after your run hard. For any other time of the day, the carb intake should come from […]