Top 3 Protein Powders to Benefit the Female Body

Most women have no idea as to the amount of protein needed for their optimal health or the way it should be included in their diets.

Protein Powder for Women

Women need less protein than men, and it varies by weight, activity level, and age, among other factors.

The average protein adult women need is about 46 grams each day. For pregnant and lactating women, more protein is needed for a maximum of 71 grams each day. USDA recommends that between 17% and 21% of the total calories of women should be taken from protein.

Protein is needed by the body for a lot of reasons such as from the development of bones as well as muscles to the promotion of healthy cell activity.

Specialty protein supplements can include certain add-in ingredients, like folic acid, vitamin B6, and Iron. Extra ingredient like these is more likely to fall short in a regular diet, while also containing a lower count in relation to carbohydrates and sugar.

There are many sources of proteins and some sources are healthier. Foods with high protein and low saturated fat include soy products, nuts, whole grains, dairy products, beans, fish and lean meat.

Following are three types of protein powders aimed at women. Ideally, you want to be looking at the protein powders that comes with protein isolate rather than concentrate. Even though there isn’t a major difference in the two types, an isolate derived protein is certain to be much purer than other types of supplement. And isolate based proteins contains less additives and give more benefits health wise.

Here are the top 3 protein powders and supplements for women:

1 – Whey

A classic protein is certain to relate to whey which is perfect for women and men alike. Whey protein is highly effective at repairing muscles which means it offers the #1 choice for post-workout routines. A significant advantage of whey protein is the quick and simple digestion properties while offer a greater intake of calcium. Whey is sourced from cow’s milk which means it isn’t likely to be ideal for vegetarians and includes a certain degree of lactose.

2 – Soy

A soy-based protein powder is a perfect choice for those lactose intolerant or vegetarians. It is fat-free and low-GI meaning that it is a great protein for helping to get toned and lose excess fat. A soy protein supplement offers a further quality of including iron which is often something many women lack in sufficient amounts.

3 – Egg

A balanced protein is to be had with the egg protein and a perfect source of getting the ideal intake of amino acid. Egg protein is perfect for women that are known to be lactose-intolerant.Protein Shake for Women

The Healthiest Protein Sources

Based on research, proteins from soy products, whole grains and beans are considered healthier compared to proteins taken from animals since they have less cholesterol and saturated fats. For women with diets which do not contain sufficient protein, protein drinks like protein shakes, protein supplements and whey protein are recommended.

In selecting protein drinks, for every serving of women’s drinks there should be less protein compared to men’s protein drinks. Women’s protein drinks should also contain higher amounts of iron, folic acid and vitamin B6 compared to men’s protein drinks.

Whey Protein is Beneficial

Among all natural foods whey protein has the richest protein and is considered very healthy to those women with diets requiring more protein. It also contains calcium benefiting women as well. Since it has a little cholesterol, lactose and fat, Whey protein is excellent for people requiring low-carbohydrate diets.

Whey protein decreases hunger. It also increases the burning of fats from exercising. For decreasing their appetite and increasing their energy, women who go on a diet can drink whey protein from a minimum of 1 serving to a maximum of 3 servings each day.

To Lose Extra Fat and Tone Up

Since bodybuilders have taken supplements and protein drinks to aid them in building their muscles, many think supplements and protein drinks will bulk them up. However, when taken in moderation and appropriately, supplements and protein drinks can help women lose their body-fat and tone up their muscles to become stronger and leaner, getting rid of the excess bulk.

All in all, your diet should include various proteins. There is utmost benefit in including a small serving of protein with each meal in order to have long-lasting energy while maintaining a healthy weight.

So what brand of Whey is most beneficial to women?

I’d recommend Optimum Gold Whey!


  1. Sylvia Marshall says:

    Optimum Whey is great, only 1-gram of sugar, but 120-calories and 24-grams of protein per scoop. I think there is approx 22 or so different flavors. I prefer chocolate malt and French vanilla cremem. Mixed with milk or similar they taste amazing.

  2. Kayleight Thomas says:

    Protein powder is protein powder — there is no different between protein supplements manufactured for males or females. A highly recommended choice for either sex is Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Standard – give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Loretta Cronan says:

    Protein shakes are great as a supplemental intake of extra protein.

    There isn’t really any different in protein shakes marketed to either male and female athletes. Just go with the top brands and products. Egg, whey+casein, and whey protein powders are highly rated. It might help to avoid soy if experiencing thyroid issues, since soy is particularly bad for this particular type of problem.

  4. Norra Stallings says:

    I read somewhere the other day that women prefer soy based protein supplements compared to whey products.

  5. Daniele Gabriele says:

    Protein powers or shakes are a great option.

    What I like to use includes a low count in relation to sugars and carbs. Brands like Isoflex or Isopure are great choices. So search for something like that.

  6. Keisha Holbrook says:

    Just taking a protein supplement like whey isn’t going to offer the desired benefits by its self; you must workout and lift weights to see gains.

    Because there is such a wide range of options even with brands targeted specifically at women, it helps to put in the time to research the most effective whey or similar protein shake out there. Visit a Vitamin Shoppes or GNC webpage and read up on the different choices, most come with detailed descriptions to help see the benefits and what might be best for you. Searching online is often easier than going into a bricks and mortar store.

  7. Ellie Cress says:

    My favorite protein shake is the Iso Sensation 93. Its cheap, protein per scoop is great (at 30-grams), and it certainly does what is required.

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