When to Eat Protein Shakes & Protein Bars

An athlete aiming to maximize on fitness is certain to notice an intake of protein shakes or bars to the diet is certain to help in a wide range of situations.

Homemade Protein Bars

Protein supplements offer a simple and convenient source of getting the required daily intake of nutrients to match the daily needs. Prior to including the protein powders into a nutritional plan it helps to determine the most appropriate time to consume them.

Pre-workout supplement

Enjoying a whey protein bar or shake prior to a planned workout routine is certain to help with energizing the body. An instant boost of nutrients received by the muscles is certain to help with the repair and recovery stage once an exercise routine gets underway.

Having a meal pre-workout is rarely a good idea since you are often left feeling quite cramped and sluggish. Ideally, you want to be looking at taking a protein shake or bar approx 45-minutes prior to starting on the exercise routine.

Post-work supplement

Benefiting from a healthy intake of protein is certain to be even more desirable after the completion of an intense workout. A grueling workout with heavy lifts or other intense exercise is likely to leave a person quite low in energy. And this means the body’s muscles are demanding an intake of nutrients to help in the recovery process.

Maximizing a workout potential is achieved by eating a meal which is protein-rich within a 30-minute timeframe or to consume similar within 60-minutes of completing an intense workout session. Ideally, you want to be looking at the protein shakes or bar to get the intake of protein in the most efficient way possible. A protein shake or bar is certain to be highly convenient to take along to a gym or when you are on-the-go.

Use as a addition or meal replacement

A protein shake might even be used as a healthy meal replacement in addition to being used as a supplement to regular meals. If attempting to bulk up without success after following a workout routine, adding in a protein powder shake within 10-minutes of finishing a regular meal is certain to help with getting the ideal intake of extra calories and proteins.

Woman Workout Fitness PostureAlternatively, a protein shake or bar is able to offer a perfect meal replacement choice at the preferred time throughout the day. Since a protein shake includes refreshing properties, many people choose to prepare them first thing in the morning to create a perfect breakfast option. A protein bar is certain to be ideal for consuming a daytime snake for the ideal nutrient intake while avoid the more unhealthy snacking.


  1. You can eat protein shakes or bars anytime you want. Whey protein is a great choice. Since you need sufficient carbs and protein in the stomach at least two hour prior to a workout it helps to balance out the times that the protein supplements are ingested.

  2. You should look at Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey as a protein supplement – Look it up on Amazon for its benefits and read some reviews. I think it works great and easily mixes with milk or similar liquids. I find it best to drink after a workout since the whey protein is one of the faster acting and helps with repairing the muscles.

  3. Building muscle take a certain degree of time and patience so if you aren’t fortunate with genes it might well take several good months of workouts prior to seeing any noticeable improvements — this is especially true for those classed as the difficult muscle gainers. A well-rounded diet is also certain to help with weight gain. A diet can include Fruits like bananas; Vegetables like spinach and broccoli; Carbs like whole grain cereal, brown rice, oats, and wheat bread; and Proteins like peanut butter, eggs, red meat, fish, chicken, soy, and whey. Good luck out there.

  4. There are characteristically two major types of protein supplements. A protein shake is highly beneficial before or after a workout. Research each of these choices to establish which is best to help in your specific workout ambitions. Also don’t forget flavor; a rich chocolate shake might sound appealing, but there is a high chance of getting fed up within a short timeframe with a flavored shake after regular use.

  5. Dolares MacDevitt says:

    Protein shakes aren’t likely to help in the process of fat lose, but if taken within 20 minutes or so after a full on workout, it will certain help with rebuilding and gaining muscle. After completing a full workout, the body is really in need of nutrients, so this is an ideal chance for getting the desired intake of protein and vitamins to let the muscles rebuild.

  6. Cassie Hewitt says:

    I take whey protein after exercising, and it’s pretty effective at suppressing the appetite. I’m less likely to snack on unhealthy food after a workout. But it is a perfect source of getting the right protein intake. I don’t really like to combine with just milk or water. It tastes much better mixed with fruit smoothies or a favored juice drink.

  7. Margaret Lindler says:

    I’d say the majority of protein supplements will work to a certain degree due to the nature of it being a powder which is highly effective for speeding up the absorption process and ensures the body makes faster use of the chosen protein.

  8. Alfred Hillard says:

    Protein supplements offer a highly desirable asset to complement the weight lifter’s collection of tools. I’d suggest using the protein shake approx 1 hour prior to starting the workout and again once the workout is complete. An extra step to get the full benefit is to get an intake of carbs (jelly sandwich or similar) at the same time to help with creating an insulin rush to help the protein reach the exerted muscles sooner. Protein shakes shortly before bed also helps with giving the muscles something extra while you’re sleep and resting.

  9. Edgar Tregor says:

    Protein shakes shouldn’t cause significant weight gain. Used correctly, a protein supplement is certainly able to help with loosing weight. Low fat/carb diets aren’t that great when it comes to loosing weight and toning the body.

  10. Mary Anne McAlroy says:

    Protein bars are supposedly intended to help with assisting the process of rebuilding the muscles. Many have known to aid in weight loss and since they are building blocks, it helps to include the ideal intake on protein in one’s diet. Be sure to inspect the nutrition and ingredient label on the protein bards. Most are packed with fats and sugars – avoid those at all costs. An ideal source of protein comes from meats, milks, and eggs, so, mostly coming from animal products. An easily digestible and popular choice is those products including whey protein. Just make sure to carefully read the labels on the bars.

  11. Terrance Acuna says:

    You can source a variety of protein shakes and supplement intended to help with fat lose (not really sure if they are that effective). Protein shakes are only really needed if the day-to-day diet isn’t able to provide enough protein. I like to weight lift quite often and don’t use them – although I do try to stick to a diet high in protein. If you start to experience muscle pain after a workout it is likely to benefit to invest in the protein shakes since you probably need them. Protein shakes, bars, pancakes, etc are great for helping the muscles to recover and I think it also helps with increasing the metabolism rate. Good luck.

  12. Madeleine Goe says:

    Protein powders are effective if applied in the right which is much the same as most things. Combine a regular exercise plan and healthy diet with the best protein powder if you really want to get in shape and see the results.

  13. Wanda Dycus says:

    I like using the 100% Gold Standard protein. At 24 grams of protein per scoop it isn’t too sweet and tastes great. A pleasing aspect of this supplement is that it is entirely natural and comes in a range of whey concentrate or whey isolate tubs.

  14. Maynard Purton says:

    You might find it beneficial to get the extra protein intake from real food sources like nuts, eggs, meat, etc.

    It should be quite straightforward to reverse any shortfalls of protein in a diet. A protein supplement is more intended to help with supplementing a well-planned diet rather than replacing it.

  15. Margery Meade says:

    Protein is highly desirable due to the fact it helps with building the muscles that have just been worked. A major reason a sports person use shakes or supplement opposed to real food like a steak is that a protein supplement with whey as the significant ingredient is fast absorbing and gets to the muscles quickly while they are still hungry or thirsty.

  16. Lela McNab says:

    I would take the protein bars or supplements after competing the workout — a good 15 to 30 minutes is an ideal timeframe — and it certainly helps with rebuilding the muscle.

  17. Cara Healy says:

    One thing to think about with the protein bars relates to being high in sugar content and heavy in the stomach. Because of this they might not be the best to consume when about to exercise, so eating after completing the workout is certain to be a lot easier on the body; this also helps with the muscle recovery process.

  18. Natasha Stokes says:

    Whenever you ask the question “When to take protein powder” you are certain to get mixed results because most people are going to give different opinions, and take their supplements at different times.

    An ideal time is likely to relate to straight after a workout if wishing to achieve best results. A reason for this is to aid in muscle recovery and help with the long term goal of achieving the desired body shape.

  19. Ren Adams says:

    It doesn’t matter when you take the protein supplement. Just take it to help reach the desired day-to-day protein requirements if you are struggling with the ideal intake from food alone — which most people do.

    Protein shakes or bars can be taken after a workout, at night, or in the mornings. It doesn’t really matter.

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