Why Does Whey Protein Isolate Benefit a Healthier You

Whey protein isolate is made using pasteurized whey with the non-protein components extracted. A byproduct of cheese production, whey is dried once the non-protein elements are removed to leave a clean, bland material.

Scoop of Whey Protein Isolate

Whey is an active ingredient in a variety of food sources, from beverages, candy, diary products, and meats. Whey protein isolate is appreciated for having a higher concentration of protein and minimal concentration of lactose and fat.

Whey protein powder is usually split into two major types: concentrated and isolate. The purest form of protein is whey protein isolate with nearly 90% of protein, while containing minimal cholesterol, lactose, and fat. Alternatively, whey protein concentrate is closer to 28-87% protein – a low concentration of protein means it is replaced by lactose and fat.

Advantages of whey isolate protein:

  • Amino acids – A complete protein like whey protein isolate is able to include the full complement of amino acids that are required for day-to-day life. It includes a reliable intake of branched chain amino acids. This type of amino acids is different to the other types since it is able to metabolize straight into the tissue of the muscles for more efficient growth.
  • Cysteine – Whey protein isolate includes cysteine at a high concentration. Whey protein has the ability to elevate the glutathione which can help to boost the immune system. A high level of plasma cysteine is beneficial for women as it is able to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  • Leucine level – A high level of leucine is included in whey protein isolate and helps to promote fusion of muscle growth and muscle protein. It also encourages the reduction of fat tissue as a result of the body producing leucine. On average, whey protein isolate has 50% more leucine content compared to soy protein isolate.

Jump-start weight loss

Adding a supplement of whey isolate protein powder to the well-planned diet can help boost the weight loss efforts. Whey protein includes minimal carbohydrates and fat which makes it a great ingredient to include in meal replacement or weight loss programs. A whey protein isolate drink consumed twice daily has the potential to increase the body fat lost compared to those that do not follow this type of plan. Also, a combination of regular exercise and protein-rich foods is perfect to get the metabolic rate moving and increase the chance of naturally burning more calories day-by-day. Elsewhere, whey protein is great for helping to curb the hunger pains and create a feeling of satisfaction for longer after eating a meal.

Extra benefits

Whey protein is beneficial for preventing the muscle and bone loss in the elderly citizens. This supplement benefits pregnant women in need of extra protein; this powder is certain to help with providing a rich protein source. Whey protein isolate is also helpful for those with diabetes and need help with control the diet, while a further benefit is the ability to control blood glucose levels.

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